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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

REPORT: Toronto Mayor Ousted After Stealing Toys From Salvation Army

Toronto, ON

In an unprecedented move that sent shockwaves throughout Canada's largest city and beyond, bombastic mayor Rob Ford was turfed from his job Monday after it was found that he stole $2 million worth of toys from The Salvation Army.

Ford has been a source of division and controversy ever since he swept to power, vowing to stop Toronto's "gravy train" of overspending of taxpayer dollars. The 43-year-old has previously been caught reading while driving, and giving the finger to someone in an adjacent vehicle. More recently, Ford had egg on his face for using public transit to transport his football team from their schools and back.

However, this latest indiscretion seems to have done the Etobicoke native in. Last week, Major John Rennie of Toronto's Salvation Army held a news conference wherein he said that over $2 million worth of children's toys had gone missing from their warehouses. A criminal investigation began immediately. Police could never have imagined where the search would lead them.

According to Toronto Police, everything from porcelain dolls, Axe body spray, fruit cups, bicycles and computers were found in Ford's residence late Monday.  Police say that by looking at photographs, it is now clear that Mr. Ford had been hiding these items under his shirt for several weeks and clandestinely transporting them to his home.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford last week:
 Is that a flatscreen you're hiding?
"It was clear that the mayor was walking under some duress most days over the last month, but we had no idea why until today," said a source inside City Hall. "The mayor would wear his jacket even inside City Hall recently and appeared to have television cables protruding from it," said another. "He's always been a husky guy, but this was alarming. He was almost to the point of shuffling instead of walking."

Along with Ford's dismissal, Toronto Salvation Army executive director David Rennie was also dismissed and charged with theft.

Ford has said that he will appeal the decision, and ironically was present at a City Hall Toy Drive kick-off on Monday before being turfed from office.

From Our Toronto Bureau

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