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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Organization Calls For "Wear Nothing Day" To Honour Colour-Blinded People

Thomas Billington, President, International Society For The Colour Blind

Mississauga, Ontario

Canada's leading organization for colour-blinded people says that North American society is ignorant of those with their plight, and today called for an International "Wear Nothing Day" to be held each March 29th.

Thomas Billington, President of the International Society For The Colour Blind, said that "everyone else seems  to have their special days when they wear a certain colour, but they just don't realize that this is prejudice against so many of us."

Examples he used were National Wear Pink Day on March 27th, which calls for an end to bullying, and which ironically has bullied the Breast Cancer Awareness movement by stealing its colour. There is also Wear Purple Day, which, depending on who you ask, is about epilepsy awareness or in support of LGBT youth.

Billington says he has received "an overwhelming amount" of correspondence from the organization's members, asking him to take a stand against this oversight of the colour-blind community.

"Since it is now legal to be nude or at least topless in many provinces and states, we are calling on people to disrobe each March 29th so that those in our community will not have to go through the aggravating task of guessing which colour another person is sporting," said Billington.

Many people on the streets had mixed feelings over the organization's proposal. "I don't mind showing off what I've got," said local businessman Charles Townshend. "But March 29th can still be mighty cold here in Ontario and people may have to deal with significant shrinkage."

Local seamstress Stacey Millson says that she has already had a number of customers inquire about nipple covers. "I've agreed to supply them as long as people realize they will be skin-coloured."

From Our Toronto Bureau

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