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Saturday, May 04, 2013

REPORT: Blue Jays Announce Drastic Changes After "Terrible" Start To Season

TORONTO - It was another ideal, sunny spring day for baseball in Ontario's capital. Unfortunately for Blue Jays fans, it was also another painful, predictable outcome for their faltering team.

Sunday afternoon brought another blow to the hopes of long-suffering Jays fans, as Toronto lost 8-1 to the Seattle Mariners. It was the Jays fourth loss in a row, and they are 2-8 in their last 10 games. Even worse, Toronto is a paltry 10-21 and a full 11 games back of Boston in the highly competitive American League East.

What makes all of this all the more stinging is that the ball club came into this season with very high expectations, arguably the highest since they won the World Series in 1992 and 1993. GM Alex Anthopoulos pulled off a major trade with Miami, acquiring Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson, Jose Reyes, and Emilio Bonofacio, and acquired slugger Melky Cabrera via free agency. Perhaps his biggest coup was acquiring Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey from the New York Mets.

It was Dickey (2-5, 5.36 ERA) who was on the mound today and gave up 3 home runs, which brings the total amount of home runs given up by Jays pitchers to 42, by far the highest in the Major Leagues.

Immediately following Sunday's game, Blue Jays President Paul Beeston held a closed-door meeting with Anthopoulos and gave him the go-ahead to make sweeping changes to the ball club that have been in the works for the last two weeks. The changes include:

  • Firing pitching coach Pete Walker and replacing him with former outfielder Lloyd Moseby.
  • Reaching out to the club's large hockey-fan base and showing live NHL playoff games on the Jumbotron - with sound. The thinking is that if most of the fans in the 400 and 500 levels can't see the replays of Jays missed opportunities, they are likely to return.
  • Deliberately injecting OF Melky Cabrera with steroids, which would be his second offence and garner an automatic 100-game suspension. Cabrera is currently hitting .235 with zero homeruns after 119 at-bats.
  • Demoting manager John Gibbons to bat-boy and replacing him with popular former beer vendor Wayne McMahon, who came to be beloved by his "Icccce. Coooold. Beeeeer" catchphrase.
  • Immediately replacing "Ace," the Jays mascot, with a Roman Catholic Priest who will stand atop the Jays clubhouse sprinkling holy water and reciting prayers.
  • The club plans on increasing the number of TD Comfort Zone seats, where unsuspecting lucky fans receive better seats. However, beginning tomorrow, the seats will be turned to face away from the field.
  • Highly-touted pitcher R.A Dickey will be forced to wear his full name (Runs Allowed) on his uniform.
  • All Friday home games will be played by Jays' double-A affiliate New Hampshire. These will be touted as Fisher Cat Fridays. The reason that the ball club will not use their triple-A Bison roster is because they are from Buffalo.
The Toronto Blue Jays have won only one series all season (Kansas City), and complete their series vs. Seattle Sunday afternoon.

New Blue Jays Manager Wayne McMahon

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